EasyGate SG at Murray Aquatic & Leisure Centre

Speedgates streamline security at WA community sports centre

The recent installation of two EasyGate SG speedgates at Murray Aquatic & Leisure Centre in Western Australia has reduced queues and improved security and safety for facility users.

Before the gates were installed, customers who had been admitted by reception to use the sports courts or gym could easily gain access to the aquatic area as there was nothing in their way to stop them.

Centre Manager Ben Jordan says installation of the new gates from Australasian company Entrance Control in July means authorised customers visiting the facility’s swimming pool can now use their access tokens to head straight through the turnstiles, bypassing reception and speeding up the entry process.

This is a big improvement on the previous setup, which required members and pass holders to check in at reception before entering. The location of the gates at the entrance to the aquatic facility also provides better security for swimmers and their belongings by ensuring people who have been given access to other parts of the centre, such as the gym or sports court, can’t just wander into the swimming pool without permission. It has also reduced the number of unsupervised children in the aquatic area, helping to keep them safe, he says.

“The gates have provided an increased level of security and safety.

“They also allow our customer service staff to spend more time with customers who need it because they aren’t so rushed or having to spend so much time trying to get swimmers tagged in.”

Murray Aquatic & Leisure Centre (MALC) is has welcomed approximately 200,000 visitors over the last 18 months and Jordan says the speedgates will make it a lot easier to manage the foot traffic as numbers continue to grow.

“We still have a number of members who stop briefly at reception for a quick chat if the opportunity is there, but they all appreciate not having to wait behind a swim-school family at reception just to register for their swim.”

Jordan says he and his team became aware of Entrance Control’s security gates after seeing them in use at another facility. However, the decision to install the speedgates was only made after learning they were fully compatible with the powerful Envibe leisure centre management software MALC uses to keep its operation running smoothly.

Entrance Control General Manager Michael Bystram congratulated the team at MALC for a successful installation of the gates, saying it was fantastic to see the speedgates making such a positive difference for the centre and its staff.