Centurion Easygate Superb

Secure. Interlocking doors. Effective


The Centurion EasyGate Superb is the slimmest swing barrier speedgate available on the market today.

Combining sleek looks with advanced technology, the Superb is the ideal choice for businesses looking for an entry gate that compliments their design theme while including all the security features you would expect from an Entrance Control product.

The gate uses glass barriers that swing away from the user in a door-like motion to provide a high throughput, high security gate by ensuring only one person gains access for each authorised card presented.

The versatile swing barrier design ensures the same narrow pedestal can be used for both standard width and DDA lanes.


High-end aesthetics

The pedestal features easily customisable finishes to blend seamlessly with your building’s architecture.

Customisable barrier height

The EasyGate Superb is available with a range of barrier height options from 990mm – 1800mm.

Premium safety

Safety beams and a torque sensor ensure safety of users, with the barriers designed to prevent injuries from closing on an obstruction.

Intelligent Light Guidance

Coloured LED lights on top of the EasyGate provide clear guidance in your choice of colour and a variety of symbols including arrows and dots.

Safety Sensors

24 pairs of sensors effectively work to prevent tailgaters to ensure safety and security.

Service and Maintenance

The EasyGate Superb is built to last and includes a self-diagnostics function to identify any issues and report them automatically.

Integrated Card Collector 

The EasyGate Superb is the slimmest speedgate on the market that incorporates card collection with return functionality.

Customized Design

From colour to finishes, this speedgate is highly customisable to suit your design theme and preferences.

Variable Sound Alarms 

The gate is equipped with speakers to deliver alarms and any messages to visitors.

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Ease of Use

Recommended applications

Corporate offices
Government buildings
Sports stadiums
Leisure centres
Health and fitness clubs
Manufacturing facilities

Traffic Type

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