Centurion Easygate IM

Sleek. Stylish. Customisable.


The EasyGate IM combines high glass security barriers, stunning aesthetics and state-of-the-art optical technology, with customisable cladding in Corian, wood and stone.

The metal side panels of the Easygate IM can also be customised and finished in brushed, polished or different coloured stainless steel. We can also match the speedgate covers to the floor material to suit any environment.

The bi-directional glass barrier swings away from the user after a valid card is presented and quickly closes behind the authorised person to deter tailgating. The familiar ‘door-like’ movement of the barrier gives users confidence carrying luggage, or baggage when using the lane to ensure quick throughput.

The swing barrier design also ensures that the narrow pedestal can be used for standard width and DDA lanes. The EasyGate IM is designed with a pedestal width of 210mm and barrier heights of up to 1800mm, preventing climb over attempts and making it suitable for unmanned applications.

With an open, inviting aesthetic and a customisable finish, the EasyGate IM provides the ultimate combination of high security, fast throughput and beautiful aesthetics. Keep your staff, visitors and customers safe with a speedgate solution that fits seamlessly into your surrounding environment.


Elegant speedgate design
The EasyGate IM’s innovative European design combines bi-directional barriers with a sleek pedestal and open glass sides to create a feeling of openness and architectural flexibility.

High end aesthetics and customisable design
The pedestal’s design is customisable with options including Corian, wood, marble or stone finishes to blend seamlessly with your building’s architecture.

Customisable barrier height
Barriers are available between 1000mm and 1800mm high to deter jump over attempts to suit your security needs.

Easy to use
Barriers are bi-directional and swing away from the user, providing easy passage when carrying luggage or baggage.

Superior optical detection and security
With multiple infra-red sensors, the EasyGate IM boasts the unsurpassed tailgate detection, speed and alarm accuracy synonymous with the EasyGate brand.

Superior safety
Safety is at a premium with multiple safety sensors designed to stop the barriers from closing if a user is in the lane. The speedgates can be integrated with the fire alarm system to automatically open in an emergency.

The EasyGate IM also has 5 security settings that help define the size of the safety zone in the gate’s operation, this means we can tailor security to suit your site and specific needs. The barriers also feature a torque sensor which enables the barrier to stop if an obstruction is detected.

Innovative speedgate technology
The EasyGate IM can be easily integrated to your building’s existing access control system. Its alarm outputs can be used to drive CCTV, lock doors, control elevators or activate other 3rd party security devices in the event of a security breach. The EasyGate IM also uses our state-of-the-art Magnet Drive Motor providing both a faster and quieter operation.

Easy to maintain solution
Internet Protocol connectivity and remote diagnostics allow you to identify and fix many problems remotely with minimal downtime. With a MTBF of 5,000,000 and an industry leading 36 month warranty, the EasyGate IM is ready to handle years of trouble-free operation. Turnstiles can also be configured remotely allowing for engineers to complete maintenance, servicing and troubleshooting saving on expensive site visits.

Branded to suit your business
Logos can be sandblasted onto glass panels keeping your corporate brand consistent.

Optional extras
Build a seamless, secure experience with an automatic card return system, built-in elevator destination display, and colour-coded lights that alert the user when they can safely pass through the gate. The EasyGate IM can also be fitted with customisable glass tops, anti-climb pressure sensors and expanded alarm outposts.

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