Centurion Swing Gate

Simple. Stylish. Convenient.


The Centurion SwingGate is a user-friendly pedestrian gate that allows for the easy passage of people requiring assistance, users, deliveries and visitors.

With a very smooth and quiet motorised drive mechanism, swing gates feature a 180 degree swing, allowing for bi-directional use. These gates can be designed with a glass panel or steel frame, with barrier heights available up to 1800mm tall.

Depending on your preference, swing gates are available as a single or double unit, with double units providing extra wide access up to 1.8 metres wide. They can easily integrate with an access control or membership system to control visitor entry, or link in with a variety of sensors to allow free exit in set directions.

Swing gates can be configured to close automatically after a programmed amount of time or upon instruction from its operator. The gate has built-in intelligence to detect obstructions and will stop moving to protect users’ safety.

The SwingGate is the ideal option if you would like to install a side gate alongside the Centurion range of tripod turnstiles or pedestrian gates to provide a Disability Discrimination Act lane for a complete perimeter security solution.


  • Low security
  • Efficient throughput (45 people per minute)
  • Affordable and easy to use
  • Perfect for Disability Discrimination Act (1992) compliance
  • Barrier heights available up to 1800mm

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    Ease of Use

    Recommended applications

    Corporate offices
    Government buildings
    Leisure centres
    Directional control
    Disability Discrimination Act compliance

    Traffic Type

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