Centurion Easygate HS

Secure. Interlocking doors. Effective


The EasyGate HS features two interlocking barriers, making it the most secure speedgate option.

The unique pedestal design has two barriers per lane that act as an interlock. The first barrier will open upon card presentation, and once the user enters the middle section of the lane, the first barrier will close behind them. Once the first barrier is closed, the second barrier will open. If the gate detects two people in the ‘secure zone’, the second barrier will not open and an alarm will activate.

The barriers are available up to 1800mm high.


High-end aesthetics
The pedestal features easily customisable decorative tops to blend seamlessly with your building’s architecture.

Customisable barrier height
The EasyGate HS is available with a range of barrier height options, including 995mm, 1200mm and 1800mm.

Innovative technology
The EasyGate HS is extra secure, with the ability to automatically trigger CCTV, lock doors, control elevators or activate other third party security devices in the event of a security breach.

Premium safety
Safety beams and a torque sensor ensure safety of users, with the barriers designed to prevent injuries from closing on an obstruction.

Hard lock and push through feature
This unique feature allows you to hard lock the gate in the entry direction and allow emergency push through the exit direction.

Easy to maintain
Internet Protocol connectivity and remote diagnostics allow you to identify and fix many problems remotely with minimal downtime.

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    Recommended applications

    Corporate offices
    Military Facilities
    High Security Corporate Offices
    Government Buildings

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