Centurion XGL

High security. High aesthetics.


The Centurion XGL is a full-height, motorised turnstile that combines high security with high aesthetics.

The combination of stainless steel barriers with glass panels provides a high security solution with an open and friendly look, making it perfect for indoor applications.

Quality, reliability and easy operation are the hallmarks of the Centurion XGL, making it ideal for high security applications where the full automatic identification of people is required.


Ideal for indoor
Designed with stainless steel and glass panels, the Centurion XGL offers high security with an open, friendly look perfect for high security applications in offices, governments and airports.

Intellimotion technology
Motorised with a smooth, controlled rotation that adjusts to the user, this turnstile is safe and easy to use.

Tailored to suit
The Centurion XGL boasts a range of adaptable settings, including torque, speed, timeout period, sensitivity, fire alarm integration, brake performance and card buffering.

The Centurion XGL comes with a sealed motorised drive to provide great reliability, low maintenance and fast, easy throughput.

An optional matching motorised side gate can provide a lane up to 1500 mm in width for wheelchair access, deliveries and any wide lane access requirements.

Remote control option
The gate comes bundled with a desk mounted console or PC software, giving the reception team easy control of the turnstile’s functionality to facilitate visitor entry.

Easy to maintain
Remote diagnostics allow engineers to dial in and undertake remove maintenance, servicing, configuration and troubleshooting, eliminating the cost of expensive site visits.

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    Ease of Use

    Recommended applications

    Corporate offices
    Government buildings
    Research labs

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