Centurion Cylindrical SecureDoor

Secure. Stylish. Small footprint.


The Centurion Cylindrical SecureDoor is unique and stylish thanks to its curved glass panels and round base. It has a small footprint and polished design so it will fit in with the architecture of almost any facility, whilst maintaining effective anti-tailgating control.

The Cylindrical SecureDoor is a sleek portal that helps to maintain the security of your building with sophisticated tailgate detection technology. Other security features include attack and bullet resistant glass and a smart door interlock system to ensure one door is closed at all times.


Aesthetic design

The Cylindrical SecureDoor’s curved glass panels make it a unique, yet slick, design that will complement the aesthetic of your facility.

Small footprint

A small footprint means this portal is ideal for buildings with small reception areas or limited space to dedicate to high security access control.

High security

The Cylindrical SecureDoor is fitted with a range of sophisticated security measures. Its intelligent weight detection software analyses the portal user’s weight for discrepancies against its pre-set thresholds, so it can accurately detect tailgating. Its also fitted with bullet and attack resistant glass, and can come with extra security options such as biometric identification and CCTV if required.

DDA compliant version

A DDA compliant version of the Centurion Cylindrical SecureDoor is available.

Safety focus

The safety of your facility and visitors is a high priority for the security portals. The Cylindrical SecureDoor has a battery back-up so it can continue to function in power outages, a fire alarm integration to open the doors in a fire emergency, an anti-panic button to power down the last door opened so it can be manually opened, and lastly intelligent IR sensors to detect any objects obstructing the doorway.

VIP mode

The portal has a VIP mode that allows the tailgate detection system to be turned off for special events, visitors or deliveries.

Internal lighting

Internal lighting is available in the SecureDoor to help create a more inviting experience for users without compromising on the security of your facility.

Voice communication

Voice communication is available to help guide users through the portal in unmanned situations, so that the portal doesn’t seem intimidating for a first time user.

Remote control panel

A remote control panel with an intercom is available to communicate with reception teams and security personnel.

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    Ease of Use

    Recommended applications

    Data Centres
    24 Hour Gyms
    Corporate offices – higher security areas

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