Centurion Bar Three Turnstile

Innovative. Narrow footprint.


The Centurion Bar Three is a tried and tested versatile solution, and an excellent alternative option for gyms and leisure centres who are seeking something more affordable than an EasyGate. Safety and security combined with high aesthetics and a cost-effective price point makes this tripod an ideal solution.

With the same narrow footprint as the unipod variant, the Bar Three has all the features of the Centurion Bar One technology including an advanced Magnetic Direct Drive motor for whisper quiet, yet fast, operation. This model has a modern design spin on the classic turnstile, and effectively deters tailgating as well as discouraging climbing over or crawling under.


Compact and stylish
Boasting a narrow footprint, Centurion Bar Three is scaled to save space and create a streamlined, easy passage for authorised visitors.

This sturdy yet streamlined turnstile is designed to protect against tailgating, with optional extras to detect climb-over and crawl-under attempts.

The turnstile can be fitted with accessories, including a RFID reader bracket, access and lane lights, infrared anti-climb sensors, emergency power backup and more.

With an advanced Magnetic Direct Drive motor, the turnstile works reliably, quickly and quietly, making it the perfect choice for an office or high-end health club.

Easy to maintain
Remote diagnostics allow engineers to dial in and undertake maintenance, servicing, configuration and troubleshooting, eliminating the cost of expensive site visits.

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    Ease of Use

    Recommended applications

    Leisure clubs
    Corporate offices
    Manufacturing facilities
    Sports stadiums
    Government buildings

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