Centurion Chimera SecureDoor

Secure. Elegant. Space-saving.


The Chimera SecureDoor is a simple, safe and minimalistic anti-tailgating security solution.

It’s a manual security booth, meaning it has no motors that can fail or need maintenance making it a cost effective option. Its simple manual door design can be offered in right or left handed doors to suit your facility and comes with a 70cm or 90cm passage, giving you one DDA compliant option if necessary for your facility.


Small footprint

The Centurion Chimera’s small footprint is ideal for buildings with smaller reception areas or less area to dedicate to access control. However it is still spacious and the Chimera D model caters for wheelchair access. The SecureDoor’s spacious design helps create a more welcoming experience for users and allows them to easily bring items, such as brief cases, through the portable with no trouble.

Manual doors

The Chimera’s manual doors mean there are no motors that need servicing and maintenance, and there are no motors that can fail.

Highly secure

The Chimera SecureDoor is fitted with a range of advanced security and tailgate detection features to keep your building safe. To stop tailgating, the portal checks the entrant’s weight against pre-set thresholds. If the weight exceeds the threshold, the Dynamic Weighing Software analyses how the weight has entered the portal. The sophisticated door interlock system on the other hand ensures that one door is closed at all times to control access and ensure only authorised users may enter.

It is also fitted with bullet and attack resistant glass, and can be fitted with a range of extra security features which includes biometric identification and CCTV.

VIP mode

The tailgate detection system can be manually turned off for special visitors or for situations such as events or deliveries.

DDA compliant version

A DDA compliant version of the Centurion Chimera SecureDoor is available.

Focus on safety

The Chimera SecureDoor is designed to ensure the safety of your facility and the user. Its safety features include a fire alarm system integration which will open both doors in emergencies, battery back-up to provide continued operation in case of power failures, an anti-panic button to power down the last door opened so it can be manually opened, and IR safety sensors to check the door way is clear before closing.


This particular SecureDoor is highly reliable thanks to its simple, safe and motor-less design.

Cost effective

The Centurion Chimera SecureDoor provides superb value for money as a cost-effective security booth option.

Lowest unit

The portals lower height is thanks to the fact that it has no motors to service so there’s no reason to access the roof. This means that it is ideal for buildings with lower ceilings.

Voice communication

The voice communication feature helps guide users through the portal for a less intimidating and controlled experience.

Remote control panel with intercom

An internal intercom is fitted inside the portal so that users can communicate with reception teams and security, and vise versa, if necessary.

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    Ease of Use

    Recommended applications

    Data Centres
    24 Hour Gyms
    Corporate offices – higher security areas

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