Touch Panel


The Touch Panel is designed to allow your reception team to control the flow of visitors and operation of turnstiles with ease.

This includes opening gates for visitors, closing the security gates at close of business, and allowing free exit during an emergency.

The desk-mounted unit, which features touch-sensitive buttons, an on-board sounder and LEDs for reporting, is designed to control:

  • Visitor entry (including entrance and exit for a single visitor or large group of visitors)
  • All turnstile functionality, including disabling, locking or unlocking the turnstiles
  • Emergency override to allow free exit on up to four turnstiles (subject to configuration)
  • Fire alarms


The Touch Panel allows easy reporting of any turnstile malfunctions and works with most of the Centurion turnstiles. Please contact Entrance Control to check compatibility with your selected turnstile.


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