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SecureDoor Portals offer a two-stage authority check with maximum protection for controlling the entry and exit of patrons. They are designed to physically stop tailgating in unmanned situations protecting your location at all times. These access control systems provide the greatest level of security in the Entrance Control range with a huge array of innovative security and safety features.


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SecureDoor operates with the following process:

  1. The first door opens
  2. The authorised person proceeds into the portal.
  3. The first door closes, and the anti-tailgating system checks if only one person is in the portal.
  4. Once this check is complete, and any additional security checks have been passed, the second door opens to let the authorised person into the secure area.

Throughout this entire process the advanced door interlock technology ensures at least one door is closed at all times to restrict access.


Prevent break ins

The advanced security of a man trap or security interlock system makes it incredibly difficult to force entry into a location, protecting staff, customers, equipment and assets. Aside from this, the SecureDoor portal acts as a strong visual deterrent for those with intent to vandalise, damage or harm.

Can physically trap a dangerous individual

If an entry is deemed suspicious or potentially dangerous the security interlock system allows both doors to be locked, preventing the unauthorised person from entering your facility and causing harm. The person in question can also be kept in the security booth until the authorities arrive or security deems it safe to let the person go.


With five models in our range, each with their own variant, our SecureDoor portals are the ideal solution to prevent unauthorised visitors accessing your facility. A secure and stylish option, our portals have a winning combination of advanced safety and security features that are sure to fit seamlessly into your location, no matter the size.

Centurion Chimera SecureDoor

Centurion Chimera SecureDoor

Centurion Classic SecureDoor

Centurion Classic SecureDoor

Centurion Cylindrical SecureDoor

Centurion Cylindrical SecureDoor

Centurion Slide SecureDoor

Centurion Slide SecureDoor

Centurion Twin Portal

Centurion Twin Portal

Recommended applications

Data Centres
24 Hour Gyms
Corporate offices – higher security areas



To prevent tailgating, the SecureDoor checks the entrant’s weight against pre-set thresholds. If the weight exceeds the threshold, the Dynamic Weighing Software analyses how the weight has entered the portal.

To protect against vandalism or attacks, the SecureDoor portal is made of attack and bullet resistant glass with options for higher rated solutions.


The SecureDoor’s safety features include integration to the fire alarm system to open both doors in an emergency, battery back-up to provide continued operation in case of power failures, and an internal anti-panic button to power down the last door opened so it can be manually opened. All systems are also fitted with IR safety sensors to check the doorway is clear before closing.

All SecureDoors come with an internal intercom for communication with security or reception teams. Systems can also be fitted with extra security options such as biometric identification or CCTV.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mantrap?

A man trap is a small space that has two separate sets of interlocking doors, one on either side. In order for a door to be unlocked (and opened) the opposite door must be closed and locked. As the first set of doors opens before the second set, the user is temporarily “trapped” inside the system.

This provides the location an opportunity to request secondary authorization credentials before the user is able to enter the second set of doors and into the location.

Why use or install a mantrap?

Man traps are great access control systems for locations that require high security or otherwise may be required to prevent unauthorised entry. SecureDoor portals physically prevent tailgating every time, making it perfect for areas like banks, corporate offices, airports, data centres or any other locations that desire multiple stages of authentication prior to entry (as the user is physically contained in the portal).

What is a security interlock?

A security interlock, otherwise known as an Air Lock, Man Trap or Tiger Trap, is a high security portal utilising electronic interlock technology to provide the highest level of security to locations like banks, laboratories, or jewellery stores. Security interlocks work in such a way that if one door is in use or isn’t secure, the remaining doors remain locked, effectively preventing tailgating and unwanted entry.

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