Centurion Clear

State-of-the-art. Superior security.


The Centurion CLEAR is a full-height, bi-directional turnstile managed by state-of-the-art control electronics.

Combining superior performance with high aesthetics, the turnstile features a stainless steel frame with glass panels, resulting in a high security solution that has an open, friendly look.

The 120° opening ensures a comfortable, safe and easy passage for one person, while the integrated sensor snags the ‘no go’ zone and will trigger an external alarm if any presence is detected.

Quality, reliability and easy operation are the hallmarks of the Centurion CLEAR, making it ideal for high security applications where the full automatic identification of people is required. If desired, the Centurion CLEAR can be fitted with an option to automatically reverse the turnstile’s motor and push unauthorised entrants back.


High security
The full-height design prevents both climb over and climb under attempts, with fast-moving optical technology to deter tailgating.

High end aesthetics
With its classic European design, transparent panels built of glass, and stainless steel finish, the Centurion CLEAR conveys effortless sophistication for high end businesses.

Advanced technology
Featuring remote turnstile diagnostics and a bespoke PC monitoring solution, the Centurion CLEAR uses the latest tech to make your security solution as robust and easy to maintain as possible.

The Centurion CLEAR is built to last with a 24 month warranty and an estimated 3,000,000 operations before failure.

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    Corporate offices
    Government buildings
    Leisure centres
    Health and fitness clubs
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