Centurion Easygate SPA

Secure. Elegant. Space-saving.


The EasyGate SPA is an innovative “pay to access” Speed Gate designed specifically for public accessed facilities.

The EasyGate SPA enables businesses to charge an entrance fee, day or night, without the need for staff to collect payment. Ideal for museums, attractions, amusement parks and other attractions, the EasyGate SPA is capable of collecting cash, token and contacless card payments. By ensuring an effective income stream while providing easy access and keeping out intruderss, the EasyGate SPA benefits both business owners and visitors.

With 1,400 mm high tempered glass barrier panels and multiple safety locks controlling access to the Speed Gate coin box, the EasyGate SPA provides a winning combination of high security and easy access.


Fully automated payment
Intuitive “Pay to Access” system operates without employees and accepts coins, contactless card and NFC payment methods.

LCD display
Clear display includes intuitive multi-language navigation icons.

Easy to use
Barriers are bi-directional and swing away from the user, providing a clear, easy passage even when carrying luggage or baggage.

Superior optical detection and security
With multiple infra-red sensors, the EasyGate SPA boasts the unsurpassed tailgate detection, speed and alarm accuracy synonymous with the EasyGate brand.

Superior safety
Safety is at a premium with multiple safety sensors designed to stop the barriers from closing if a user is in the lane. The speedgates can integrated with the fire alarm system to automatically open in an emergency

Innovative technology
The EasyGate SPA can be easily integrated into your building’s existing access control system and its alarm outputs can be used to drive CCTV, lock doors, control elevators or activate other 3rd party security devices in the event of a security breach.

Easy to maintain
Internet Protocol connectivity and remote diagnostics allow you to identify and fix many problems remotely with minimal downtime.

Branded to suit your business
Logos can be sandblasted onto glass panels to reflect a corporate brand.

Optional extras
Build a seamless, secure experience with an automatic card return system, built-in elevator destination display, and colour-coded lights that alert the user when they can safely pass through the gate.

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