Ramp LT


The Ramp LT is an easy, quick and cost-effective flooring solution.

Designed to protect your floor from damage, the Ramp LT supports Centurion pedestals while eliminating the need to drill fixings or run a conduit under the floor between pedestals.

A perfect complement for both standard and wide lanes, the Ramp LT is ideal for applications where a marble, tile, granite or wooden floor restricts drilling and cabling, or where the client desires to preserve the original floor.

Made of a metal cover plate and a solid substructure that features built-in cables, the Ramp LT sits between the pedestals to provide convenient wiring, with space for the pedestal to be fitted into the Ramp LT.


  • Protects the floor discreetly
  • Eliminates the need for conduit and underfloor cabling
  • Safe, non-slip finish
  • Modular solution
  • Optional carpet finish
  • Suitable for standard and wide lanes

Installation Photos



    Recommended applications

    Any turnstile installation where you would like to avoid damage to the floor
    Buildings that have short leases
    Heritage-listed buildings
    Temporary turnstile installations

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