Fastlane Door Detective


Fastlane Door Detective is designed to increase the level of security at any door that uses access control.

Door Detective creates an infra-red field across a doorway to monitor the passage of every individual passing through the door, only alerting the security staff to the presence of unauthorised entrants.

Tailgate detection and door detective products help the access control system overcome the age old problem of controlling how many people pass through a doorway, and in which direction, once a valid access card has been presented and the door is open.


Unique patented solution for tailgating
The Door Detective creates an infra-red field across a doorway to monitor entry and enforce the “one person one card” rule.

Superior security
The solution integrates seamlessly with other security solutions to deliver a greater level of security.

The Door Detective can sense which way someone is travelling and can trigger an alarm if a person enters from the wrong direction.

Visitor entry
The Door Detective can be set up to work with visitor entry systems for offices and flats, or to allow a single person or multiple groups of visitors through without generating an alarm.

Fast throughput
Offering a throughput of up to 1 person per second, the Door Detective is designed to ensure fewer queues.

High safety
The Door Detective is Disability Discrimination Act compliant and works without a physical barrier, ensuring a high level of safety with no chance of injury.

The modern, low-key design guarantees aesthetic compatibility with any building.

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    Recommended applications

    24/7 gyms
    Computer rooms
    High security doors

    Traffic Type

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