Visitor Card Return System


Automatically Collect Access Cards From Your Visitors

The Visitor Card Return System helps you automatically collect access cards from visitors.

Issuing visitors an RFID access card is good security practice so they can be allowed access to the relevant parts of a building but if a visitor walks off with this card this presents a security risk and a financial burden. The ideal solution is to automatically collect those cards as the visitor is leaving the building.

To collect access cards from visitors leaving a building Entrance Control have their Visitor Card Return System. On exiting the facility visitors are invited to place their access card in the Visitor Card Return slot – this can be just an RFID card or a RFID card with its plastic holder and clip. The card is drawn in to the system and passes a secondary card reader. If the card is valid the visitors exit is authorised and their card is then dropped in to a locked tray where they can be collected by a guard at a later stage. If the card is not authorised it is returned to the user and access is not allowed.

The Visitor Card Return System can either be built in to our turnstiles and speedgates or supplied in a standalone post.


The Visitor Card Return System offers:

1. Automatic visitor card collection
2. Collects a valid card once it has allowed a visitor exit from the building
3. Returns an invalid card to the user if access isn’t allowed
4. Works for both RFID cards only, and plastic card holders with an RFID card.

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