Architecturally Designed Entrance Control Solutions

combine practicality and security with a striking design

Our philosophy

At Entrance Control, we believe that the best architectural concepts combine practicality and security with a striking design.

Security is crucial in any modern commercial building, yet the entrance must be aesthetically welcoming and easy for staff and visitors to use, as well as easily managed by security staff.

To help you manage all these requirements, Entrance Control has designed a premier range of speedgates with a flexible and effective approach to entrance control, for areas you would like to achieve a high level of security in an aesthetically pleasing way that does not detract from the visitor experience.

Our customisation options

If you are looking for a turnstile for your next project, you can either customise one of our standard designs, or custom-design a turnstile from the ground up.

The Centaman Entrance Control range of EasyGates can be customised with an almost limitless choice of colours, textures and materials – allowing you to unlock your architectural vision and achieve the exact finish you desire.

Combining the latest infrared technology with stylish, user-friendly physical barriers, EasyGates offer the very latest in high-tech entrance control technology for the modern business environment. The barriers are available in either a ‘retracting’ or ‘swing’ barrier design and with height options of either waist height or taller at 1200mm to 1800mm to deter jump over attempts.

Our custom pedestal finishes

Our custom pedestals come in an array of attractive finishes:

  • Brushed stainless steel
  • Polished stainless steel
  • Corian
  • Stone
  • Marble
  • Wood
  • Black stainless steel
  • Powder coated in RAL paint colours
  • Bronze
  • Rimex coloured stainless steel

As the premier security gate solution in the southern hemisphere, we are the only provider to offer such an extensive range of tailored turnstile solutions.

Installation photos

Our services

Centaman Entrance Control is here to help with every step of your project. Our dedicated team of turnstile design experts will work with you from specification right through to installation and project completion to ensure the final results meet your needs.

In addition to our product customisation and installation service, we can:

  • Provide you with data sheets, technical specifications and DWG files
  • Mock up layout designs, AutoCAD footprints and AutoCAD visualisations
  • Supply Revit files for each turnstile
  • Deliver 3D renderings
  • Produce CPD presentations
  • Analyse traffic flow/throughput formulas
  • Provide block models to help calculate the optimal number of lanes
  • Create conduit and cabling drawings


Our stylish turnstiles help any reception area work seamlessly, while ensuring a high level of security to protect your employees and assets.

Our turnstile options

EasyGate IM

EasyGate IM

EasyGate BV

EasyGate BV

EasyGate LG

EasyGate LG


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