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Entrance Control offers the highest quality medium-security entrance control solutions, tailored to your unique location. Our wide range of user-friendly speedgates effectively balance pedestrian thoroughfare with security, protecting your location from tailgating with innovative security and advanced safety features. Coming in a variety of customisable heights, designs, finishes, and optional branding you will be able to increase the security of your location without compromising on aesthetics, seamlessly integrating into the design of your location.

EasyGate LX

EasyGate LX

A perfect example of the robust security and effective design synonymous with the EasyGate range, the EasyGate LX is fast, reliable and uses cutting-edge technology to ensure an exceptional level of security.

Recommended Applications

  • Corporate offices
  • Government buildings
  • Manufacturing facilities
EasyGate LG

EasyGate LG

The premium EasyGate LG speedgate offers a stunning design with robust security. Its reliable MDD motor allows for faster and quieter entrance control than other models on the market.

Recommended Applications

  • Corporate offices
  • Government buildings
  • Mass Transit

See Our Speedgates In Action

Entrance Control’s range of speedgates allow for efficient and secure passage in and out of a venue. With simple, intuitive and user friendly design pedestrians can easily travel through the secure barriers while deterring bystanders, climb-over attempts or other unwanted entries. 

Entrance Control’s speedgate options can also be easily integrated into existing access control systems, card collection and alarm outputs allowing for increased functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Our Speedgates Different?

Our range of speedgates, also referred to as speedlanes or speedstiles, use the very latest in high-tech entrance control turnstile systems and are designed to detect and deter tailgaters. Combining the best of optical and physical barrier technology our speedgates ensure a secure environment without compromising on the overall business aesthetic.

With over 16 models in our range, our speedgates provide an array of elegant and contemporary high security turnstile options. Our speedgates can also be finished in a variety of different materials ensuring that you are bound to find a model to suit your individual requirements.

Are Speedgates the same as Speedlanes and Speedstiles?

Speed gates, like Speedlanes and Speedstiles, are an entrance control solution that allows for fast pedestrian thoroughfare without contemporary and modern aesthetics. With leading security, durability and reliability, Entrance Control’s range of speedgates not only competes with but beats the best competitor speedlanes and speedstiles.

What Type Of Gate Technology Does Entrance Control’s Speedgates Use?

Our speedgates come with either swing gate technology or retracting gate technology depending on your specific security requirements.

Swing gate technology allows for an extremely narrow and open pedestal design. The glass barriers swing down the length of the pedestal, closing behind an authorised person, thereby deterring any unauthorised entry or tailgating. The swing gate technology puts a premium on aesthetics and ease of use.

Retracting gate technology combines optical tailgate detection technology with the retracting barrier motion to ensure that the lane closes as soon as the authorised person has safely cleared the barrier. The retracting gate technology puts a premium on security.

What Are The Key Benefits Of Speedgates?

  • Speed Gates provide a fast throughput, allowing up to 60 people to enter per minute.
  • Our speed gate’s use state-of-the-art tailgate detection, ensuring only authorised individuals enter your business.
  • Our speedgates are highly customisable with a wide range of design options allowing you to tailor the design to your business for premium aesthetics
  • Barrier heights available up to 1800mm to prevent climb-over attempts

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