Centurion Easygate SG

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Boasting a compact footprint, the EasyGate SG is a revolutionary speedgate that combines glass barriers with optical detection technology to provide a fast throughput with high security.

The EasyGate SG’s glass barriers swing inside the pedestal after a valid card is presented, giving the authorised user a clear lane to pass through. These barriers quickly close behind the authorised person to deter unauthorised entry or tailgating.

Safety is high on the agenda for this speedgate, with the IR beams monitoring the length of the pedestal, ensuring the lane is clear before the barrier attempts to close. If the barriers sense an obstruction, they will stop moving until the obstruction is moved.

The most cost-effective speedgate in the Entrance Control range, the EasyGate SG is easy-to-use and versatile to suit any application that requires style and affordability. Featuring high end European architectural design, and a durable stainless steel pedestal, the EasyGate SG is the perfect solution to integrate seamlessly with any environment.


Affordable speedgate design
Manufactured in Europe to ISO9001 standards, the single-winged EasyGate SG is a high quality speedgate solution, and the most cost effective speedgate in the Entrance Control range.

Seamless Operation
EasyGate SG automatically sounds a local alarm if someone enters without authorisation. Additionally a relay can also activate stricter security actions such as triggering CCTV, locking doors, or controlling elevators.

Sleek European design and narrow footprint
The EasyGate SG has the smallest pedestal of all the speedgates in the EasyGate range. Its smart, sleek European design includes fast-acting, bi-directional glass barriers that open away from users walking through.

Superior optical detection and security
With multiple infra-red sensors, the EasyGate SG boasts the unsurpassed tailgate detection, speed and alarm accuracy synonymous with the EasyGate brand.

Open speedgate design
Glass barriers are waist-height and swing away from the user to create a friendly, inviting business or leisurely atmosphere. It’s no contact barriers also provide easy passage for users, especially when travelling with luggage or equipment.

Superior safety
Safety is at a premium, with multiple safety sensors to stop barriers from injuring a user. The speedgates can be integrated with the fire alarm system to automatically open in an emergency. The EasyGate SG also features 5 different settings that enable you to define the size and area of the safety zone, allowing for a custom solution to suit your safety and security requirements.

Innovative speedgate technology
The EasyGate SG can easily integrate with your building’s existing access control system. Its alarm outputs can be used to drive CCTV, lock doors, control elevators or activate other third party security devices in the event of a security breach.

Disability Discrimination Act compliant
An optional motorised side gate provides a simple but secure entry for individuals with a disability, with wheelchair lanes for accessibility.

Customisable pedestal design
The EasyGate’s stainless steel pedestal can be customised with square or round corners to suit a building’s architecture.

Easy to maintain
Internet Protocol connectivity and remote diagnostics allow you to identify and fix many problems remotely with minimal downtime.

Suitable Environments
The EasyGate SG is ideal for use in leisure and aquatic centres, gyms, health and fitness clubs, VIP areas, Government buildings and corporate offices. The Speedgate SG space saving design makes it the perfect speedgate solution to suit almost any environment.

Branded to suit your business
Logos can be sandblasted onto glass panels to reflect a corporate brand.

Optional extras
Build a seamless, secure experience with an automatic card return system, built-in elevator destination display, and colour-coded lights that alert the user when they can safely pass through the gate.

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