New speedgates greet Riverton Leisureplex customers

The Riverton Leisureplex has been given a new professional and practical edge thanks to the installation of Centaman Entrance Control EasyGate SG speedgates.

Users of the Western Australian gym and recreational centre are the first in Australia to be welcomed by the stylish new design of the EasyGate SG gates, which allow swift and safe access through a tap and go card REA Touch Controller.

The EasyGate SG allows customers to access the Leisureplex easily, swinging open when a valid card is presented. Infrared beams track the user’s movement through the gate, only allowing the barriers to close when the gate is unobstructed. The EasyGate SG can also able to be coordinated with fire alarm systems, ensuring the gates automatically open in an emergency to allow quick and easy evacuation.

Centaman Entrance Control General Manager Michael Bystram said the new gates would be beneficial for facility managers, as well as customers.

“For the City of Canning, which operates the facility, there are significant cost savings to be had from the self-management capabilities of the EasyGate SG.

“The system does not require regular staffing for its day-to-day running, reducing costs and the inefficiencies of a manual system.”

He said the REA Touch Controller prevented unauthorised entry to the facility and the quick-closing barriers were effective at preventing ‘tailgaters’ – people who try to follow others into the facility without holding a membership or paying their fees.

The new EasyGate SG gates replace a set of outdated swing gates that compromised the professional image the facility wanted to portray. Thanks to the new gates, users are ushered in via a quick and truly fit for purpose system that prevents unauthorised access and improves security.

Riverton Leisureplex’s EasyGate SG system was installed by Marshall Beattie Automation. It has two lanes – one standard entry point and the other a wider wheelchair-accessible lane designed to complywith the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act of Australia.


“The addition of these new gates provides stylish access control into the gym area to provide a fast throughput with high security.”

Matt Beattie, Sales Representative, Marshall Beattie Pty Limited