Door Detective the secure and safe solution for fire doors

Securing a fire exit door in a workplace or publicly accessible building might seem straightforward, but not when its status as an emergency exit means it’s draped in stringent health and safety requirements.

The challenge lies in ensuring fire exit doors can be unlocked easily from inside to allow people to leave quickly in case of a fire or other emergency, while also preventing opportunistic theft, vandalism or arson due to unauthorised access while the door is open.

Entrance Control’s range of Door Detective products offer a smart solution by using infrared optical detection to independently monitor emergency exits to alert building’s onsite security teams to either unauthorised entry or exit. This ensures doors can be kept open in an emergency so building occupants can escape and emergency services workers can enter to assist those who need assistance, while still providing a level of security throughout the incident to help detect and monitor any unauthorised entry.

Entrance Control General Manager Michael Bystram said maintaining the delicate balance between safety and security was crucial in the entrance control market.

“Door Detective is an innovative solution that not only helps to keep people safe during an emergency, but also safeguards against unauthorised access.”

Door Detective comes in four models, each with different applications.

The Fastlane Door Detective Plus product provides comprehensive security via full integration with access control, CCTV, and building management smart systems, indicating unauthorised access with an audible or visual alarm.

For businesses that want to up the monitoring level further, Fastlane Door Detective Occupancy Control is an optional unit that can count the number of people entering or exiting through a door. The data provided can be used to analyse unauthorised access as well as tally evacuation numbers and inform future emergency-procedure enhancements.

Door Detective is the smart way for businesses to prevent unauthorised access during an emergency, without compromising on compliance with Australian and New Zealand health and safety workplace legislation.