Centurion Easygate Elite

Stylish. Discreet. Flexible.


The EasyGate Elite combines stylish glass barriers with cutting-edge optical detection technology to create a high throughput, high security gate. This is the most flexible speedgate in the Entrance Control range.

The EasyGate Elite offers an elegant, modern aesthetic and excellent ergonomics. Its glass panels are available at any height between 990mm and 1800mm to match your security requirements, with your choice of one wing or two wing design.

The slim, stainless steel pedestal and top lid can be customised to blend seamlessly with your building’s architecture using stainless steel, black or bronze stainless steel or RAL painted stainless steel.

The EasyGate Elite comes with a wide range of optional accessories, including an Access Light or EdgeLight, WAV Player, remote control console or sw application, remote turnstile diagnostics, integrated emergency power backup, bespoke PC monitoring, and more.


Customisable barrier height
Barriers are available from 990mm to 1800mm high to deter jump over attempts to suit your security needs.

Easy to use
Barriers are bi-directional and swing away from the user, providing a clear, easy passage even when carrying luggage or baggage.

Superior safety
Safety is at a premium with multiple safety sensors designed to stop the barriers from closing if a user is in the lane. The speedgates can integrated with the fire alarm system to automatically open in an emergency.

Innovative technology
The EasyGate Elite can be easily integrated with your building’s existing access control system and its alarm outputs can be used to drive CCTV, lock doors, control elevators or activate other third party security devices in the event of a security breach.

Simple controls
The turnstile can be supplied with a simple push button override, IR sensors or integrated with virtually any access or ticketing system, allowing your reception team to easily control the flow of visitors.

Disability Discrimination Act compliant
An optional motorised side gate provides a simple but secure entry for individuals with a disability.

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    Leisure clubs

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