High-tech entrance control complements high-end Brisbane business hub

At the heart of Brisbane’s CBD transformation, premium-grade office tower 123 Albert Street recently embraced cutting-edge entrance control technology with the installation of three lanes of Entrance Control’s EasyGate SPT speedgates.

The state-of-the-art speedgates are equipped with MorphoWave™ contactless fingerprint scanning plus RFID and QR Code readers for seamless entry. This allows building occupants and authorised visitors a variety of ways to identify themselves before being granted access to the lifts serving the top floors.

Entrance Control General Manager Michael Bystram said IDEMIA’s MorphoWave™ technology verifies fingerprints in under a second as visitors wave their hands through the biometric scanners integrated into the frames of the speedgates.

The high-tech identification option was added at the special request of the building’s anchor tenant, which desired a high level of security for lifts servicing its premises on the upper floors, he said.

An Otis destination lift control system is synchronised with the speedgates to further streamline the building’s overall access management by securing access to lifts. The system selects a lift based on a person’s destination once they have been identified, making their trip more efficient and adding another layer of security armour.

Electric-blue wing lights embedded in the speedgates elevates their aesthetic and communicates to visitors when they are cleared to proceed after identification is complete, creating a sophisticated and secure entry point.

Bystram said the installation underlines the adaptability and integration capabilities of Entrance Control’s advanced security solutions.

“123 Albert Street establishes a benchmark for modern entrance control solutions, proving high-tech security and aesthetics can complement each other perfectly. The installation sets a new standard for sophisticated and efficient access control in Brisbane’s CBD.”

Located in the centre of Brisbane’s bustling CBD, with Albert Street train station on its doorstep, the urban oasis of 123 Albert Street is surrounded with an abundance of retail, hospitality and wellness options.

The 26-level building was designed by Hassell, one of the largest and most-celebrated architecture firms in Australia and is owned by major Australian real estate investment trust Dexus. It was the first location in Brisbane to employ a commercial concierge when the building first opened in 2011.