Centurion Slide SecureDoor

Secure. Welcoming. User-friendly.


The Centurion Slide SecureDoor provides exceptional anti-tailgating security thanks to the interlocking telescopic wings of its doors. These wings slide either to the left or right and are made from thick laminated glass making it a stylish and easy-to-use option when your facility is unmanned.

The SecureDoor’s design can be altered to suit the aesthetic of your facility. The finish can be embossed or finished with gloss for a sleek look. It’s overall linear design and slim frame suits many facility interiors, regardless of whether they have a traditional or modern design.


User friendly

The SecureDoor has a familiar door design meaning it’s very user friendly for visitors whilst maintaining a high level of security in your building.

Stylish and secure

The doors telescopic door design makes it a stylish yet secure high security portal.

Welcoming and spacious

The Slide SecureDoor has a very familiar design for users and its larger footprint means its spacious and welcoming.

Elevated security

The Slide SecureDoor focuses on providing superb anti-tailgating security for your building. Its fitted with a sophisticated weight detection system to analyse the weight of the user in the portal against its pre-set thresholds. If the weight exceeds these thresholds, the portal will analyse this data for more information. The sophisticated door interlock system also ensures that one door is closed at all times to deter tailgating even further. The frame of the security portal is fitted with bullet and attack resistant glass for that additional safety and security factor.

Telescopic door design

The Centurion Slide’s design features telescopic wings that slide either to the left or right of the portal and interlock to make an effective security solution. One door is interlocked at all times to deter tailgating.

Safety focus

The Slide SecureDoor is designed to ensure the safety of both your building and the user. Its fitted with a range of safety features including IR sensors that detect, before the doors close, if an object or person is in the doorway, a fire alarm integration to ensure the doors open during a fire emergency, an anti-panic button that can power down the last door that was opened so it can then be manually opened, and a battery back-up for power outages. Extra security options include biometric identification and CCTV footage.

Internal lighting

The Slide SecureDoor features internal lighting to help create a more welcoming experience for visitors.

VIP mode

A VIP mode is available for situations such as events, important visitors, or deliveries. The VIP mode essentially turns off the tailgate detection system for this period.

Voice communication

Voice communication is available to help first time users navigate through the portal in unmanned situations.

Remote control panel

A remote control panel with an intercom is available for communication to reception areas and security.

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    Ease of Use

    Recommended applications

    Data Centres
    24 Hour Gyms
    Corporate offices – higher security areas
    Laboratories Banks

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