EasyTouch Visitor Tablet


The Easy Touch is a touch-screen tablet that lets reception staff control visitor entry with ease.

This includes opening gates for visitors, closing the security gates at close of business, and allowing free exit during an emergency.

The desk-mounted tablet is designed to control:

  • Visitor entry (including entrance and exit for a single visitor or large group of visitors)
  • All turnstile functionality, including disabling, locking or unlocking the turnstiles
  • Emergency override to allow free exit on up to four turnstiles (subject to configuration)
  • Fire alarms


The software allows detailed control of each turnstile’s operational modes, including:

  • Group mode – Open and close a lane for a group of visitors or deliveries
  • Free mode – Closed barrier by default, with sensors to detect and automatically open the gate for an approaching visitor
  • Optical mode – Open barrier by default, with visitors required to present an authorised card upon entry (an alarm will sound if the gate is breached without an authorised card)
  • Lock down mode – Locked lane by default with no authorised entry via card (ideal for locking down certain lanes at a particular time of day)


EasyTouch is compatible with Ethernet and RS485.


This is an advanced version of our Touch Panels solution, offering benefits such as:

  • An intuitive graphical user interface
  • Clear visual and aural cues to alarms and control inputs
  • Emergency input mode via a virtual control button to open all lanes at once
  • Online alarm reporting
  • Free standing operation or integration into your desktop
  • Control of an unlimited number of lanes (scalable to the specific site layout)
  • Automatic password lockout when unattended
  • Control of each individual lane, including function and modes
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