Destination lift control at The Flow

Optimise security and efficiency with destination lift control

Time is precious, especially for people who work in corporate office buildings and want to get from A to B as efficiently as possible.

Destination lift control systems in modern offices smartly allocate and guide people to the closest available elevator, speeding up their journey in the process. These systems are more efficient than the old-fashioned approach where passengers press an up or down button and wait for the next available lift.

Integrating destination lift control systems into entrance control gates secures access to lifts, removing the possibility of unauthorised access. It also speeds up the process of lift allocation, removes the need for staff to present an access card or other secure identifier at both the entrance gates and the lift, optimises traffic flow through entry points and reduces congestion.

Entrance Control General Manager Michael Bystram says destination lift control systems are all about getting people up into the building with maximum efficiency.

“It makes sense to embed destination lift control systems with speedgates to optimise both transit speed and security – we make all our speedgates fully compatible to enable this.”

80 Ann Street, Brisbane

Destination lift Control at 80 Ann St

The destination lift control system integrated with the six lanes of EasyGate SPT speedgates at 80 Ann St keeps foot traffic flowing and delivers a seamless experience for staff.

After staff scan their identification, the destination lift control system built into in the speedgates allocates a lift to get them to their floor as quickly as possible – on exiting the gates a lift has already been assigned.

Described by Entrance Control General Manager Michael Bystram as “a modern building for a modern time”, 80 Ann Street harmoniously combines elements of work and lifestyle into a forward-looking space for a new age and is a glimpse at the future of urban living.

The EY Centre, 200 George Street, Sydney

Destination lift control at 200 George St

One of Sydney’s most prestigious premium office towers, The EY Centre is named after its main tenant – global business heavyweight Ernst & Young.
The 37-storey landmark is the pinnacle of smart building technology and is equipped to gather data on how its occupants use its spaces to optimise use of space.

As Australia’s first fully LED lit building, The EY Centre enjoys reduced power consumption and more efficient lighting, one of many sustainable design features that led to it being awarded a 6 Star Green Star Interior rating.

To complement the calibre of the tower’s technology and to cope with its brisk foot traffic, nine lanes of bespoke EasyGate speedgates were partnered with a destination lift control system. The speedgates, clad in cream stone to match the concierge desks, marry security and style to provide a sleek fully integrated access control system.

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