Prestige and class at Nine Network’s Sydney HQ

The lobby lights reflect faintly off the textured stone of the tile floor at Nine Network’s new Sydney HQ. Cool to the touch, the charcoal-black cladding on the new entrance control gates creates an air of prestige, professionalism and class.

It’s hard not to be impressed when you first step into the company’s lobby at 1 Denison St. Centaman Entrance Control’s latest project, supplying four lanes of EasyGate IM at the Australian media giant’s new HQ in Sydney, is easily one of its most eye-catching.

“The 37-storey premium office tower at 1 Denison St is a fantastic location for a high-profile media organisation like Nine Network. We’re delighted that our gates were selected to complement their architectural vision,” says Centaman Entrance Control General Manager Michael Bystram.

Nine Network will occupy more than 20,000 sqm of the new $1.2 billion commercial office building in North Sydney. When the company’s move to the building is complete later this year, the new headquarters will be home to Channel 9 Studios and Nine Network’s other television operations, as well as staff from its key mastheads, including The Sydney Morning Herald and the Australian Financial Review.

The new EasyGate IM gates that take pride of place in the lobby have been customised with dark stone cladding on the pedestals to complement the elegant stone of the floor. The gates combine glass security barriers with stunning aesthetics and state-of-the-art optical technology such as infra-red sensors to prevent tailgaters and safety sensors to prevent the gates closing on an obstruction. A magnetic direct drive motor ensures they are whisper quiet and easy to maintain, with a mean time between servicing of 3,000,000 operations.

“This is a high-quality entrance control solution designed to stand the test of time,” Mr Bystram says. “The aesthetic of the gates is a great example of how Centaman Entrance Control gates could be tailored to meet the needs of a client.”

The EasyGate IM is a premium entrance control solution. Its pedestals can be customised with a Corian, wood, marble or stone finish, and equipped with bi-directional glass barriers up to 1,800 mm high.