Centaman’s 3D Rendering Service

Centaman’s 3D Rendering Service set improve efficiency when buying a gate

The Centaman Entrance Control 3D rendering service allows a customer to preview how our gates will look in their reception area before they buy them.

Simply supply us with high resolution photographs of the space where you would like the turnstile installed, along with measurements of items in the photo to provide us with an accurate sense of scale. For example, measurements of your reception desk, gaps between the desk and other objects, the height and width of the doorway, etc.

In return, we can supply a rendering for the area with the turnstiles or gates of your choice to see how they will look. We can customise the product to help blend the unit into the design. For example, custom top finishes, cladding in different materials and the use of different metals like black stainless steel can be excellent ways to add extra style to your reception area.

Rendering Examples