Completely Contactless Solution

Entrace Control’s EasyAccess solution is designed to enable fast, easy access through a turnstile whilst optionally screening for mask & temperature detection.


EasyAccess is designed to enable fast, simple and secure access through a turnstile with hands free operation whilst optionally screening for high temperatures and checking users are wearing a mask if required.

Users look at the screen as they approach the turnstile, their faces are detected as they approach and if the user is authorised EasyAccess then opens the gate to allow access. If the face is not recognised access is not allowed.


  • Recognition Speeds under 0.2 seconds
  • Storage of up to 50,000 faces
  • HD face picture with 2 MP camera
  • Up to 99% recognition rate with excellent performance under backlight, dim light, and strong light environments
  • Fast, remote facial registration via optional management software
  • Anti-spoofing detection support, distinguishing live faces from pictures and videos
  • 0.3 to 3 meter recognition distance


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