Indicator Light Options

Indicator lights help guests navigate themselves through the gate, increase safety, and improves the design aesthetic of your security gates. All Entrance control turnstiles and speed gates can be equipped with various indicator lights.


This light is placed under the glass top lid so it is clearly visible to the user. It comes in three operational colours – white for standby, green for go, red for access denied.


An arrow symbol light can be mounted on the front of your gate to clearly show an accessible passage for your guests. Likewise, it can be fitted with a cross symbol for when it is inaccessible or access is denied.

The front accessibility light has three operating colours – white for standby, green for go, red for access denied.


Give your gates a luxury design feel with wing light illumination. Your company logo or other desired graphics can be placed on to the glass wing barrier and lit up to bring extra attention to your company and brand.


Make entering your premises more effective! Coloured LED illumination of the top lid enables smart settings of light. In addition to standard navigation functions, various lighting effects such as breathing mode, dots, blending colors can be set. The selection of colors is unlimited.


Customise your speedgates with a multi-colour LED light that can be illuminated along the edge of the cabinet.


You can choose to add custom sound signals to your gate that indicate different operation modes for your turnstiles or gates. For example, any sound of your choice can be set to signal when a gate opens, or an attempted unauthorised entry.

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