Six entrance control installations setting style standards for 2023 

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and that goes for prestige buildings as well as people.  

Entrance Control’s gates are the perfect option to seamlessly complement high-profile buildings – providing flawless security and setting style standards in the process.   

Here are six of the best recent installations that showcase how form can match function to create the perfect combination of security and style.  

1) 32 Smith Street, Parramatta 

32 Smith is one of the jewels in the crown of the City of Parramatta’s world-class commercial centre.   

A custom paint finish of Dulux Electro® Dark Bronze on the EasyGate SPT speedgates complements the interior metal work to give a striking first impression.  

Integrated Winglights change colour to guide guests through and provide a vibrant contrast to the background colour palette – providing the “wow” factor to an already sleek installation.  

2) 100 Mount Street, Sydney

North Sydney’s tallest building features high-tech style with customised EasyGate SPT Speedgates and MorphoWave biometric scanners.  

The subtle glow of the balustrade lights matches the bold cobalt blue of the reception desk and surrounding furnishing. This is complemented by the elegantly narrow barrier gates of the EasyGate SPT, which have been integrated with MorphoWave scanners at 100 Mount St to grant access with the wave of an authorised visitor’s hand.    

The overall effect is to cement the sense of architectural quality that befits one of Sydney most iconic buildings.  

3) Midtown Centre, Brisbane 

In a city famous for its cutting-edge entertainment, the Midtown Centre’s entrance greets guests with a gleaming row of EasyGate SPT speedgates. 

Foot traffic flows fluidly through the six lanes of 1,200 mm high glass barrier,s providing a sleek technological contrast to the natural feel of the soft brown wood panelling on the walls and the extensive greenery. 

The repurposing of the original two buildings into one at Midtown Centre was an architectural triumph by renowned Australian architects Fender Katsilidis.

4) 80 Ann Street, Brisbane

Described as a “modern building for a modern time”, the state-of-the-art building at 80 Ann St is at the forefront of urban style. Twelve lanes of EasyGate SPT speedgates across three floors are resplendent in a custom Golden Touch Pearl finish matching the building’s interior.   

The landmark building is one of biggest and corporate office space developments in Brisbane and sets the standard for the latest in technology, sustainability and design.  

5) Woolworths HQ, Bella Vista, New South Wales

When one of Australia’s biggest brands refurbished its head office, the super sleek premium Easygate Superb was the obvious choice.  

This top-of-the-line entrance control option features the slimmest speedgate pedestal in the world and oozes style.   

EasyGate SPT, SG and Bar One speedgates had been installed at other Woolworths sites, but the Superb option was selected to complement the prestigious head office site. 

6) Maribyrnong Aquatic Centre, Melbourne 

Guests at Maribyrnong Aquatic Centre are greeted by Easygate SG speedgates that enhance the contemporary design aesthetic of one of Australia’s top sports centres following a recent refurbishment.  

Winglights communicate by colour to optimise the flow of guests into the centre and provide a striking contrast to the stylish stainless-steel finish.  

Four gates welcome guests at the aquatic facilities entrance and two at the gym entrance.    

Proving that style doesn’t have to compromise function, the intelligent speedgates are integrated with the centre’s leisure management software to enhance access control and report back on user data.