Advanced speedgates help create modern building for a modern time in Brisbane

Located in Brisbane’s bustling Northeast Quarter, Heritage Lanes, 80 Ann Street, is a glimpse at the future of urban living, effortlessly combining elements of work and lifestyle into a forward-looking space for a new age. Welcoming visitors to the building are six lanes of Centaman Entrance Control’s EasyGate SPT speedgates – a modern entrance control system for state-of-the-art buildings.

Retaining the heritage elements of the former Brisbane Fruit and Produce Exchange that once operated on the site, 80 Ann Street features a number of breathable open spaces, with plenty of natural light entering through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

The 80 Ann St project is led by property group Mirvac, and the company’s Development Director Cris Johansen says one of its major themes, as for many Mirvac projects, is “urban co-existence”.

“We want to be an integral part of Brisbane’s urban fabric, and we feel that with 80 Ann Street, we have achieved that.”

Centaman Entrance Control General Manager Michael Bystram says a good entrance control system should mesh with the style of its premises, in much the same way as a building should integrate with its surroundings.

“80 Ann Street is a modern building for a modern time,” Bystram says. “Our EasyGate SPTs offer robust, convenient security, while at the same time featuring a custom finish to blend in stylishly with the interior environment and live up to the designer’s vision.”

The building features 12 lanes of EasyGate SPT across three floors, in two sets of three and a set of six. The square-profiled gates, coated in custom Golden Touch Pearl to match the building’s interior, feature 120 cm high bi-directional glass barriers that open away from the user once they scan.

At no time is the user required to touch any part of the entrance control system, a critical design element given the ongoing impact of COVID-19. Each lane’s pedestal also features a QR code reader for effective visitor management.

The gates are integrated with Schindler Destination Control Lift system – which allocates visitors’ lifts, guides them to their designated lift, and optimises traffic flow through entry points for more efficient passage.

“Touchless, seamless entry is a real must in today’s workplace environment, and Centaman Entrance Control EasyGate SPTs provide that and more,” says Johansen. “They delivered the gates with a finish as specified by the architect, which look fantastic in their respective lobbies, and they did so at a very reasonable rate.”

One of Australia’s smartest buildings, embracing technology, sustainability and design, 80 Ann Street is setting a new benchmark for Brisbane’s premium office market and for workplaces across the country.  The unique retail and ground plane spaces are set to be like a vibrant modern-day marketplace enticing workers, locals and tourists back into the city, encouraging them to mingle from day to night.