Centaman Entrance Control Trends 2019

The top five entrance control solutions of 2019

Biometric scanners, infrared safety beams and smooth new speedgate designs with built-in payment systems – 2019 had it all.

Read on to discover our top five stories of superb style and flawless security in corporate and leisure facility entrance control.

A superb new addition to the Entrance Control range

Entrance Control’s new EasyGate SUPERB speedgate turned heads when it launched in November 2019, boasting one of the slimmest pedestals in the world for a fully-equipped speedgate.

Despite taking up minimum space, this superb speedgate lives up to its name with features like customisable LED wayfinding, custom pedestal surfacing, diagnostics, and integrated motorised card return.

The addition of this sleek new speedgate to the Entrance Control range means more choices for people designing and inhabiting stylish corporate offices. It’s an architectural dream when choosing how you want your entryway to look and it’s wide range of features make the SUPERB a real 2019 highlight.

Entrance Control Superb Stainless Steel

Updated EasyGate SG pedestal design

Sleek and slim was the theme of another 2019 entrance control highlight – the redevelopment of our bestselling EasyGate SG and SR model speedgates to include a slimmer pedestal. This change was more than just aesthetic, it also allows customer to fit an extra lane in for foot traffic in busy leisure centres and corporate office entryways.

This leaner version of an old favourite proved an ideal solution for  Riverton Leisureplex, in the city of Canning. Riverton Leisureplex wanted a more professional look in its entryway to replace outdated swing gates, while also allowing enough space to comply with the lane width requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act of Australia.

The new and improved design of the EasyGate SG allowed the facility to upgrade to swift access for customers through a tap and go card REA Touch Controller, made safe by infrared beams which track users movement through the gate, only allowing the barriers to close when the gate is unobstructed.

Entrance Control Easygate SG Redesign

Customised EasyGate SPT with biometric scanning technology

Biometric access control is no longer limited to James Bond movies and the Pentagon. We had something to celebrate in 2019 when EasyGate SPT speedgates were integrated with an IDEMIA MorphoWave biometric finger scanner as a premium custom security option.

This secure solution removes the need for authorised staff to carry access cards and also removes the risk of a lost access card winding up in the wrong hands. The addition of biometrics as a premium option delivers high-end access control when coupled with the unsurpassed tailgating detection and speedy motor of the EasyGate SPT.

Biometric entrance control is a big trend to watch for in future. Fingerprint scanning access control technology is now within the reach of corporate office users, as well as local and central government agencies that want secure access. The modern IDEMIA Morphowave scanner can even be used in leisure facilities, including aquatic facilities, due to its contactless design that removes hygiene issues or any risk of moisture interfering with the effectiveness of the scanning technology.

Entrance Control EasyGate SPT Bio metric Scanner

EasyGate SPA – the gate that takes payments for you

The release of a speedgate that takes payments as well as controls access was one of our top entrance control highlights of 2019 for good reason. By removing the need to staff entryways or involve third-party point of sale or ticketing systems, businesses can save a lot of money.

The EasyGate SPA speedgate can help businesses such as fitness centres, museums and amusement parks make access to their facilities less complex and more efficient. It’s a game-changer for entrance control.

Entrance Control EasyGate SPA Installation

EasyGate LX comes into its own at NDIA headquarters

We take access for all very seriously, so our top 2019 highlight was installing four lanes of EasyGate LX speedgates at the National Disability Insurance Agency headquarters, right next door to Worksafe Victoria which operates 12 EasyGate LG speedgates across three floors at its headquarters in Geelong.

Our speedgates are the entrance control choice for businesses wanting to create smooth access for people with disabilities. Approximately 600 staff work at NDIA, 12 per cent of whom identify as having a disability. Delivering disability-friendly access gates for the agency responsible for disability insurance represented great recognition from the disability support community.

Centaman Entrance Control NDIS

More to come in 2020

We’re looking forward to this year’s highlights delivering the best entrance control solutions for 2020.

Last year’s highlights centred around new innovations to bring point of sale, biometrics and slimline designs. We’re looking forward to delivering these innovations to architects, corporate offices, leisure facilities, gyms and other businesses across Australia and New Zealand. We’re looking forward an exciting year ahead.

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