The new access control gate that takes payments for you

A new security gate system capable of processing customer payments has the potential to revolutionise the way Australasian visitor attractions manage access to their facilities.

Entrance Control’s EasyGate SPA is a ‘pay to access’ speedgate, which enables businesses to charge an entrance fee to access their pay to use amenities, reducing staffing costs through automated payment. A payment kiosk can be set up in place of other facilities to help this.

Entrance Control General Manager Michael Bystram said the EasyGate SPA allows businesses to circumvent the ongoing costs that a point of sale system requires or complications with 3rd party ticketing systems.

“Customers are given freedom of movement through the gates, paying by cash, debit card or credit card independent of any ticketing system. If preferred access can also be allowed through pre-validated ticketing when combined with a third-party ticketing or membership system.

“Pay-to-use attractions such as museums, amusement parks and other public facilities are an ideal fit for the EasyGate SPA, where customers can access information online or by word of mouth, and do not necessarily require staff to discuss their entry into the service. Public toilets or showering blocks, where there are costs associated with maintaining cleanliness and range of service, are another great fit for the EasyGate SPA.”

Some of the EasyGate SPA’s key features include the option for wider lane widths than other traditional tripod turnstiles, which allow for wheelchair access. This made it compliant with the Australian Disability Discrimination Act – a distinction Mr Bystram said few other competitors could claim.

All EasyGate SPA gate units can be custom sandblasted with a business logo. A clear LCD display provides ease of use in a number of different languages, with bi-directional doors that swing away from the user to allow a clear passage when carrying baggage or other items.

Multiple safety sensors ensure the gates will not close on a user, and the EasyGate SPA can also be linked to a facility’s fire alarm systems, ensuring they will open automatically in an emergency. The speedgate’s security features are rounded out with 1,400mm high tempered glass barrier panels and a sensor system that does not allow for ‘tailgating’.

Mr Bystram said the speedgate’s reliable performance was another key selling point, with the system backed by an industry-leading 36-month warranty and a mean time between failures of 5,000,000 operations. The gate can also be configured to allow remote diagnostics, saving on expensive site visits for what may be a simple configuration or service fix.

Mr Bystram said Entrance Control has exclusive Australasian distribution rights for the EasyGate range, including the EasyGate SPA, which has proven popular in Europe.

“The Easygate SPA will be a game-changer for access control in Australasia.”

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