Govenor Phillip Tower EasyGate installaton

Stylish new speedgates installed at Governor Phillip Tower

Stylish Glass Speedgate Turnstile Installation

The slimline appearance of Centaman Entrance Control’s EasyGate SPT speedgate earned it the big tick for installation at Governor Phillip Tower, one of Sydney’s most iconic buildings.

The building managers were seeking an entrance control gate that could fit in the mouth of the lift lobby at the Tower’s main entrance on Farrer Street. Governor Phillip Tower is built on the site of Australia’s first Government House and is considered to be one of Sydney’s pre-eminent office buildings.

The EasyGate SPT was selected for the job because of its reputation for reliability and its ability to fit snugly and unobtrusively inside the mouth of the lift lobby, complementing the Tower’s unique style and heritage. This was seen as a major improvement over the building’s previous entrance control gates, which were bulky and had to sit outside of the mouth of the lift lobby, encroaching on the lobby’s aesthetic.

The three lanes of EasyGate SPT speedgates installed in Governor Phillip Tower feature transparent 1600mm high glass swing barriers to deter jump-over attempts and Centaman Entrance Control’s patented magnetic direct drive motor to ensure fast and quiet operation. One of the three lanes was widened to allow for wheelchair access to the building.

“Governor Phillip Tower needed an entrance control gate that complemented its stylish aesthetic. The unobtrusive profile of the EasyGate SPT was the perfect fit to control access in a foyer that has gained a reputation as one of Sydney’s grandest and most impressive.”
Michael Bystram, General Manager, Centaman Entrance Control