Speedgates hit ground running at busy Lands Building

State-of-the-art speedgates keep more than 650 staff flowing through a busy 10-storey Tasmanian Government building after its major $20 million makeover.

The Lands Building on Macquarie Street in Hobart, which houses Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment staff, accommodated almost 300 additional workers when the refurbishment finished in April last year.

Centaman Entrance Control general manager Michael Bystram said the building needed secure gates at its ground floor reception that provided efficient entry, while also being low-maintenance and reliable.

Service Tasmania is on the ground floor, along with a café, which is the boundary between the public and government services.

“The EasyGate SPT provides a winning combination of high security and fast throughput. The Magnetic Direct Drive technology in our speedgates ensures barriers open and close safely without delay. Touchless technology also speeds up entry and exit, as well as being hygienic,” said Mr Bystram.

Two lanes prevent queues forming at the gates, and one lane is wide enough for wheelchair access, making the entrance solution Disability Discrimination Act compliant.

Highly respected by the architectural community, the Lands Building has been occupied by the government since its construction in 1973.

Architects working on the refurbishment focused on function and the environment, with the design allowing for views across the office space and open views to outside.

The open aesthetic of the EasyGate SPT fits seamlessly into the design, with stylish glass gates leaving uninterrupted views for visitors. The stainless-steel pedestals match the lift doors that are guarded by the gates.

To complement the project’s focus on function, the Easygate SPT is practical and easy for visitors to use. Barriers are bi-directional and swing away from the user, providing a clear passage.