Introducing EasyTouch - Door Access: unlock enhanced control

Introducing EasyTouch – Door Access: unlock enhanced control

We are excited to introduce EasyTouch – Door Access, a device that unlocks enhanced control over your entrance control security system.

Rather than being restricted to only controlling our own Entrance Control gates with the EasyTouch remote control console, this latest upgrade allows you to seamlessly control doors, boom gates, side gates and other solutions provided by third parties.

The enhancement comes in the form of an add-on hardware device that generates a relay output that allows the EasyTouch console to control any entrance control solution.

Entrance Control General Manager Michael Bystram says EasyTouch – Door Access is a powerful tool that simplifies management of entrance systems.

“We designed EasyTouch with the goal of streamlining entrance control operations, and the introduction of EasyTouch – Door Access takes that mission to the next level by giving users the ability to control third party devices, as well as those in the Entrance Control family. They can now enjoy unparalleled control and convenience from a single console.”

The EasyTouch – Door Access is ideal for designers of new facilities seeking to give their clients the convenience being able to manage all on-site access control solutions from one centralised console.