Government building EasyGate LG install

Government building first to install EasyGate LG

Speedgate Install at Victorian Government Agency

When a government agency in Victoria moved more than 700 staff into a new building earlier this year, it necessitated a new, state-of-the-art security system.

The installation of 12 EasyGate LG speedgates over three floors made this government agency the first Centaman Entrance Control customer to fit the new security barriers. There are three to five 1.8-metre-high gates on each of the new building’s three floors.

The EasyGate LG features glass barriers designed to retract inside the pedestal after a valid card is presented, giving the user a clear lane to pass through. Together, the optical tailgate detection technology and retracting motion ensure that the EasyGate LG closes as soon as the authorised person has safely cleared the barrier, to effectively deter unauthorised entry and tailgating.

The gates also feature integrated lift destination control using Schindlers’ PORT system. After scanning their access card at the turnstile, users are automatically allocated a lift, which is displayed on the integrated PORT screen, and guided to the lift that will take them to their floor in the most efficient way possible.

The system allows lifts to be allocated to individual passengers efficiently, reducing crowding in cars and delays resulting from conflicting destinations.

“The EasyGate LG and integrated lift destination control provide robust security, superior safety and greater efficiency; all critical in a high-traffic environment like this.”
– Michael Bystram, General Manager, Centaman Entrance Control