EasyGate Superb speedgates.

Future of security: Top Entrance Control options for 2024

In an era where security is paramount, the evolution of entrance control technology plays a pivotal role in shaping the spaces we inhabit. With the end of 2023 in sight, Entrance Control stands at the forefront, providing cutting-edge solutions that not only prioritise security but also redefine the future of access management.

This article explores three top-of-the-line Entrance Control speedgates capable of securing future-focused buildings. Our EasyGate SPT, EasyGate IM, and EasyGate Superb models are all designed to meet the unique security demands of modern environments in style.

EasyGate SPT

EasyGate SPT speedgates at 80 Ann Street.

A popular choice trusted to secure facilities the world over elegantly combines high security with the potential for a fast flow of foot traffic due to the swift gate movement enabled by the rapid motion of its Magnet Drive Motor.

Reliability of the speedgates is underpinned by the motor’s 20,000,000 mean time between failures performance capability, and its power capacity allows effortless control of even the tallest heavy-glass barriers.

Design is a hallmark of the EasyGate SPT speedgate, with a 2023 revamp integrating a visitor access card collector and ‘stop go’ lane light directly into its pedestal frame.

The revamp also lowered the bottom edge of the glass wing to 230mm from the ground to prevent anyone crawling underneath and widened the barrier wings above to extend over the speedgate pedestals, minimising the already miniscule margins for unauthorised access.

A combination of 36 sensors identifies the position of people accurately to maintain the utmost in safety standards. Like other gates in the Entrance Control range, the EasyGate SPT is available with optional 1800mm high strengthened-glass barrier gates to prevent jump-over attempts.

EasyGate IM

The perfect complement of architecture and aesthetics is achievable with EasyGate IM speedgates, thanks to fully customised cladding options using wood, marble, stone or Corian to make a serious style statement.

The cladding of the speedgates can also be tailored to match a building’s floor material and the metal side panels can be finished in brushed, polished, or coloured stainless steel if required. The same Magnet Drive Motor and 36-sensor safety system featured in the EasyGate SPT range take care of functional considerations behind the scenes.

The model’s European design allows bi-directional barriers, a minimal pedestal and open glass sides to offer a classy and inviting welcome to visitors. This chameleon of the Entrance Control speedgate stable features the same innovative technology as its peers: state-of-the-art optical technology, multiple safety sensors and the ability to integrate with a building’s existing access control system.

EasyGate IMs are specifically recommended by Entrance Control for corporate offices and government buildings. Corporate branding is an option if you wish to employ image consistency to create just the right professional impression in conjunction with a host of further customisation options available to explore.

EasyGate Superb

Boasting the narrowest pedestals currently on the international speedgate market at 99mm, EasyGate Superb speedgates feature sleek slimline style designed to turn heads without compromising on security.

The speedgates deliver the same watertight entrance control standard as their leading-edge peers, whilst stylistically standing out with a profile that signals class. A wide palette of customisation options is available to enhance their aesthetic, with the standard model impressing in brushed steel with a smoked glass top.

EasyGate Superb enjoys the same superior design and hallmarks of quality typical of Entrance Control products. Technological features driving performance include a team of 24 sensors that team up to prevent tailgaters, along with five safety and security settings that can be used to define the size and area of the safety zone.

This model can also incorporate an optional card collector to collect and return visitor’s cards, providing convenience and saving time for staff and building visitors alike. Despite its sleek profile, this model can maintain barrier heights of up to 1800mm to provide the same maximum obstruction height as other models.

Entrance Control’s dedication to creating the future of entrance security today ensures its progressive speedgates are ready to meet the security requirements of the buildings of tomorrow.