EasyGate SPT – Outdoor a winning option for securing exterior entrance

All-weather EasyGate SPT – Outdoor security gates were recently chosen as the perfect option to secure pedestrian access to a state-of-the-art medical manufacturing facility.

The facility required a high level of security and was seeking an easy-to-use solution to help control pedestrian access near a staffed guard station at its front gate.

Two boom gates were already in place to restrict vehicle access at the entrance but pedestrian access was posing a headache as it was uncontrolled.

Full height turnstiles were considered originally, but Entrance Control’s EasyGate SPT – Outdoor option was chosen because of their durability outdoors and wider gate width that provides for access for people of different mobility levels, including those in wheelchairs. The out-swinging barriers also make it easy for users carrying tools or other baggage to enter.

The elegant security gates allow authorised pedestrians with access cards to securely flow through the entrance independently of the guard station. If any user tries to avoid the gates by attempting to enter through the vehicle boom gates, the guard station’s surveillance team is able to identify them and address the situation.

The stylish chrome finish of the gates matches the guard station’s exterior to offer a sleek yet secure welcome as the 180-degree guard station window observes all access points.

Entrance Control General Manager Michael Bystram says the EasyGate SPT – Outdoor is a versatile and stylish option that complements traditional outdoor security setups without compromising on ease of access for users.

“These unique gates are specifically designed to function in outdoor environments – whether in the open or under cover. With all the usual EasyGate high-end design features, they remain as rugged, resilient, and reliable as their indoor counterparts.”

EasyGate SPT – Outdoor security gates feature multiple sensors working in harmony to eliminate tailgating and ensure intelligent, safe and efficient gate operation.

EasyGate SPT’s technology allows seamless integration with fire alarm systems to automatically open in an emergency.

The EasyGate SPT – Outdoor is ideal for securing pedestrian access.