Clearly Better by Design

Introducing the new Centurion XGL

Entrance Control will be introducing the new Centurion XGL in October 2011. The Centurion XGL is a full-height motorised turnstile which combines high performance and aesthetics. The combination of a stainless steel frame with glass panels provides a high security solution with an open, friendly look. Quality, reliability and easy operation are the hallmarks of the Centurion XGL turnstile making it ideal for high security applications where the full automatic identification of people is required.

At the company’s new product launch, Entrance Control Systems Head of Entrance Control, Michael Bystram, stated, “There is a growing requirement for high security, unmanned, entrance control solutions in the corporate and governments sectors which will ensure only one person gains access for each card validation. The Centurion XGL can help achieve that but with the added advantage of a stylish design. Traditionally full height turnstiles are more associated with compounds and stadiums; the Centurion XGL is different as it’s designed to blend in to a modern office building aesthetic whilst still ensuring a high level of security.”

Centurion XGL is a bi-directional turnstile managed by state of the art control electronics. The 120° openings ensure comfortable, easy and safe access for one person.
The Centurion XGL’s motor drive unit is provides smooth silent operation coupled with reliable and maintenance-free running, in addition the XGL automatically adapts its rotation speed to that of the users and provides a high level of safety – in the event the turnstile senses an obstruction it will stop moving. The XGL is available in a Fail Safe and Fail Secure variants.
The Centurion XGL is available with a matching motorised gate for wide lanes access and DDA Compliance.