Ausgrid EasyGate installation

Ausgrid seeks top-notch security in a tight space

1.2m High Glass Speedstile Barriers

Ausgrid’s offices at 570 George St in Sydney recently underwent a security upgrade with the installation of three EasyGate SPT speedgates from Centaman Entrance Control.

The speedgates were installed at the entrance to the building, before the lift access, to maximise security and feature 1.2-metre-high barriers to deter jump over attempts.

Ausgrid EasyGate installation

With a pedestal width of just 180mm, the small footprint of the EasyGate SPT speedgates was a key factor in choosing a solution that would work in the limited space available. The gate’s swing barrier design allows for a much narrower pedestal than retracting barrier designs, and the EasyGate SPT was the only solution that could accommodate two standard lanes and one Disbaility Discrimination Act compliant lane within the space constraints.

Speed, functionality and aesthetic appeal were also important.

EasyGate SPT speedgates are part of Centaman Entrance Control’s premium range. They feature the magnetic direct drive motors, which are among the quietest and most reliable on the market, able to continue operating in a power outage. The motors, which are exclusive to the EasyGate range, are also some of the fastest available, supporting increased throughput and deterring tailgating.

“The EasyGate SPT packs a lot of punch into a small package, which makes it ideal for situations like this where you’re working with narrower spaces.”
– Michael Bystram, General Manager, Centaman Entrance Control