Third Party Devices

Here at Entrance Control, we can integrate almost any third party access control system, as well as other accessories, into our turnstiles and speed gates to give you and your guests the best possible experience.


We care a lot about the quality of our products as well as about their design. Entrance Control can integrate third party devices right into the cabinet perfectly without any cracks, projections on the surface or other undesirable elements. They are perfectly built-in right in the body of our turnstiles and speed gates.


Do you already have an access control system implemented at your premises? No problem! RFID readers can fit seamlessly into your existing products and infrastructure. Our RFID readers can be integrated under the top lid of turnstile or speed gate, in the front or from the side of a cabinet. Adding the reader on the side of a cabinet is an ideal option for wheel-chair access.


Barcode scanners are the perfect option for managing visitor entrance for single entries or as a simple ticketing system. The BarCode and QR code scanner can be placed in a top lid or at the front of your turnstile or gate. Barcode scanners are also available for outdoor products.


Biometric devices are some of the latest and greatest entrance control solutions on the market. Our team can help you find the right biometric device that’s most suitable for your facility. You have the options of touchless solutions such as facial recognition (available with a thermocamera), retina scanner, touchless palm recognition, or even touchless fingerprint scanner. Standard fingerprint readers are available too.


Break glass units are a must have for many facilities. They provide emergency opening of turnstiles or speed gates in case of emergency exit.


Fully integrated system for automatic elevator assignment regarding the user RFID card. This system helps manage the flow of foot traffic during rush hours when workers are entering the building. The system automatically calls the elevator for the user to avoid queues and makes people flow more efficiently.


The integrated card collector is designed to collect the visitor’s RFID cards or badges on exit. This device assists the visitor management system and is capable of integrating with any access control system. The card collector could also be equipped with a return function in case the user accidentally disposes of an invalid card, like their credit card or ID, by mistake.

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