Surface Finish and Special Materials

Entrance Control turnstiles and speedgates comes in a variety of customisable finishes and colours so you can find a look that suits your facility best. Specific details of the surface finishes depend on each product, however we will always do our best to meet your specific needs.


We can paint your speedgate or turnstile in any colour of your choice. You also have the option of a matte or glossy finish so you can find something that will match the architecture or corporate design of your facility.

AISI 316

Do you need to install a physical access control system in harsh environments such as seaports, factories, or environments with extreme humidity? Our turnstiles and speed gates have a long life span in these conditions due to manufacturing from top quality AISI 316 stainless steel.


Not happy with standard RAL painted stainless steel and need something more “fancy”? Then special surface finishes such as brass stainless steel, bronze, or copper could be the right choice for you.


Alternative cladding is available for a range of our speed gates and turnstiles such as our EasyGate IM, BC or LC. These can be cladded with alternative materials while maintaining their function and keeping up with the latest technology. You can choose wooden cladding, corian, nature stone, or marble.


Glass wings and side infill panel of speed gates can be made of low-iron glass, also known as extra-clear glass or optically clear glass. This type of glass is more transparent than regular glass and doesn’t have the same “greenish tint” as standard glass.

Architects and designers prefer using low iron glass when colour matching.

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