Virus-fighting screens launched for leisure centres and retail outlets

A counter top screen designed to help prevent the spread of viruses at leisure centres, gyms, cafes and retail outlets is now available in Australia and New Zealand from security experts Centaman Entrance Control.

Built to stop airborne germs commonly spread by coughing or sneezing, the robust and easy to install EasyScreen is available as a tri-fold or single panel with an opening that allows for the transfer of items or payment of transactions.

Centaman Entrance Control General Manager Michael Bystram said the new screen was perfect for facilities seeking a practical and affordable solution to mitigate the risks posed by viruses such as Covid-19.

“The new countertop screen works in a wide range of point of sale settings to add an extra line of defence against airborne viruses. Not only does it offer a physical barrier against the virus, but it also plays an important role in giving customers and staff confidence that you are taking the risk of Covid-19 seriously and introducing measures to protect their wellbeing.”

The EasyScreen is priced at AU $995 for the tri-fold version and AU $495 for the single panel variation. The tri-fold version is 82 cm high and comprised of an 85 cm wide central panel and two 65 cm wide side panels, while the single panel variation is 82 cm high and 85 cm wide. Both feature a sturdy ‘no-tip’ design that is easy to set up and clean, and simple to store away during any periods when it is not required.

The new protective screen is the latest in a growing list of virus-fighting products being launched in Australasia by Centaman Entrance Control.

Last week the company announced the availability of a new entrance control technology that could scan customers for signs of fever when entering a facility and automatically count the number of people within a building to assist with physical distancing requirements. This technology includes a stand-alone EasyGate SG 1000 gate for the retail industry and add-on temperature and occupancy counting scanners that can be integrated with some existing entrance control gates.

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