Add style and personality to your entrance control solution

Imagine walking into the lobby of a premium office building in central Sydney and being greeted by a set of boring run-of-the-mill turnstiles. Regardless of the building’s grandeur or the professionalism of the staff, your first impression would be tainted.

Don’t let one element of your overall building design be the weak link. There’s little point putting in the effort to create an appealing and high-end office space if your entrance control is letting down the team.

The good news is that modern entrance control gates have come a long way, mixing form with function and allowing you to add a touch of personality to lobby. With the help of fancy finishes, luxurious lighting effects and architecturally designed pedestals, today’s access gates can complement, rather than diminish, your building’s style.

Customised pedestal tops

Adding a custom pedestal top is a great way to make your access gate a feature of your lobby. The EasyGate range of security gates produced by Centaman Entrance Control is among the most customisable on the market, with pedestal top options ranging from colours glass and Corian to stone, marble or wood.

Centaman Entrance Control General Manager Michael Bystram says adding a marble or wood top can create a sense of luxury and complement the surrounds of a similarly designed premium office lobby.

“Custom tops are a relatively low-cost customisation that can set your entrance control solution apart and project an image that your business or building is a cut above the competition.”

Coloured glass or acrylic pedestal tops are another great option, particularly for businesses that want to ensure their brand colours feature throughout the office. These glass tops can even be paired with LED lighting that further reinforces a company brand and makes entrance control gates a star attraction.

Custom metal panel finishes

A step up from a coloured pedestal top is a full custom metal finish. Entrance control gates from the EasyGate range can be produced with custom metal panel finishes such as polished, black or beaded stainless steel.

Mr Bystram says a black finish can provide a professional look that will complement the style of many corporate offices, while white panels can help to create a clean and minimalist feel.

“Custom metal panels can add a sense of class and are a popular choice by architects developing corporate office buildings across Australia and New Zealand.”

Some museums, court houses and museums around the world have spiced things up by opting or more vibrant colour schemes. You can even go with gold if you want to – you’re only limited by your imagination.

Bespoke cladding

For a truly high-end luxury feel, bespoke cladding can be added to EasyGate entrance control gates. This can be made of a wide range of materials, ranging from stone, granite and wood to man-made alternatives like Corian.

“Cladding like this can add wow-factor to your gates and make them truly unique,” Mr Bystram says.

A prime example of the difference custom cladding can make is on show at 200 George Street in Sydney. Designed by award winning architects Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp, the EasyGate IM security gates at this premium grade office tower are clad in stone to match the aesthetic of the lobby area.

Cladding can also be used to add personality and funkiness to your building. Vibrant yellows, greens and yellows are just some of the colours used for Corian cladding on EasyGate found around the world. This is a popular choice among technology companies and those that want to add vibrancy to the work environment.

Custom pedestal shape or design

The Rolex option for styling your entrance control gates is a customising the design of your security gate pedestals. Centaman Entrance Control is one of the few entrance control providers in Australia or New Zealand that offers this level of design flexibility.

Customising your EasyGate pedestal allows you to alter the shape, size or configuration of the speedgate, ensuring it is fully in step with your architectural vision. This option was just the ticket for renowned international architect Zaha Hadid, who incorporated four lanes of customised Easygate SG speedgates into the design of his Dominion Tower office building.

Curving balconies overlook the void from each floor of the seven-storey building, creating a similar effect to the staircases in Hadid’s MAXXI museum in Rome. The use of the EasyGate SG’s in a stepped configuration complemented the building’s design, helping to create a truly unique space for the many start-up companies that use it.

“Architects put a huge amount of time and effort into getting a building’s design just right, so it makes sense that the entrance control gates to be customised as well so they blend seamlessly into that grand vision,” Mr Bystram says.

Need style support?

All of the speedgates in Centaman Entrance Control’s EasyGate range can be delivered with a bespoke finish – allowing architects and those responsible for office fitouts to achieve the look and feel they desire.

Our design team will provide expert guidance on any bespoke security gate solution, offering advice on customised finishes and creating custom designs and digitised concept design files from a hand sketch on request.

For more information contact our team here or phone +61 (02) 9906 7522.