Turnstile Thermo Detector

Prevent the spread of fever


The Thermo Detector can help make your facility safer by limiting the spread of fever related infections inside buildings.

By integrating the detector within the turnstile, all people entering the building can be checked and the security staff do not need to be close to others while they are being checked.


Versatile design to suit most models
The Thermo Detector can be installed on the front or the top cover of existing or new turnstiles.

Quick and secure
When a person uses the turnstile they must present their wrist to the Thermo Detector and their temperature measurement is taken within one second. A valid access card and normal body temperature are required to gain access to the building.

Maintain team safety
No contact is required for the measurement thereby limiting the risk of spreading an infection. The reception staff and security guards do not need to be close to the inspected person, but monitor remotely to avoid the risk of contact or close.

Installation Photos



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