Take command of your entrance control gates with our remote-control solutions

From office hours to childcare, flexibility has become an essential consideration in modern life, and security is no exception. Thankfully, Centaman Entrance Control’s remote-control solutions for entrance control gates provide options to suit all facility layouts and requirements.

All of the remote-control options outlined below are compatible with Centaman Entrance Control gate installations, allowing authorised reception staff to control and change access settings with ease.


Configurable for up to three lanes, this touchpad console – with capacitive keypad and LED lights – allows a staff member at reception to grant access or egress to a single visitor or group from the comfort and security of the lobby front desk or control room.

The TouchPanel also allows staff members to hold gates open for deliveries with the press of a button. An alarm option also allows authorised staff to use the TouchPanel to trigger the facility’s fire alarm remotely in case of emergency.


Our next-generation EasyTouch remote-control console is a step up from the TouchPanel, making it easy to manage large number of lanes and gates. With its compact size and intuitive graphical user interface – available in both Light and Dark modes, the EasyTouch is a great option for any facility with high volume thoroughfare traffic. The EasyTouch can also provide real-time feedback on events that may trigger the alarm, such as unauthorised access, and provides visual cues for the operator to respond to.


Our TMON turnstile management software for desktop computers is our premium remote-control system. It offers all the features of the TouchPanel and EasyTouch consoles but with additional automated population monitoring and concurrent turnstile monitoring .

The population monitoring feature allows a facility to control the number of people entering a facility, which is especially useful if your facility has a maximum capacity limit, whether for COVID-19 risk management or any other reason. If the customisable population capacity limit is reached, the system automatically switches to a one-in, one-out basis.

The TMON system offers the greatest lane management flexibility of any of Centaman Entrance Control’s remote-control access colutions, allowing operators to change lane modes on demand, including entry- vs exit-only lanes for optimised traffic flow, open for all vs open for card access only. It also allows an operator to set some gates as closed, while others remain open, if this is desirable at any time.

For those that want even more flexibility, our TurnStile Schedule add-on module can be added to our TMON software. The Turnstile Scheduler allows a facility manager to pre-programme their turnstiles with different settings and configurations for different days, dates or areas of a facility. Want to set up card access for people entering the facility, but no requirement to scan a card when leaving? That is no problem at all with the Turnstile Scheduler. You can also prioritise heightened security for designated entry points during weekends while keeping standard security settings during the week.

Regardless of the option you choose, each will provide efficient monitoring and control measures over your lanes, gates and turnstiles from a single location, all with straightforward operating procedures requiring minimal training.