Staff error could be your biggest security threat. Here’s how to protect your facilities

Staff error could be your biggest security threat. Here’s how to protect your facilities

Staff errors are common; it’s human nature to make mistakes. But these mistakes can put your workplace at risk of a physical security breach.

From secure gates and doors to finger scanners and facial recognition, Centaman Entrance Control has the solutions to reduce the likelihood of error and protect your business from outside threats.

Read on for some of the most common security threats and how to strengthen your physical security and protect your assets and staff.


Have you ever followed a friend or colleague through a door they’ve unlocked? This generally occurs out of convenience, such as entering the office you both work at or going into a local gym where you are both members.

But what if you were unaware that someone you don’t know or trust had followed you into work? This is called tailgating: the act of shadowing someone into a secure area without authorisation.

Thankfully, this is avoidable when high-quality security measures are in place.


Centaman’s EasyGate HS, for instance, features two interlocking barriers per lane, preventing tailgating. How does it work? The first barrier opens when a verified user presents their card, and as soon as they enter the middle section of the lane, the second barrier opens. If there are two people in the ‘secure zone’, the second barrier will not open – and an alarm will trigger.

SecureDoor Portals is another excellent solution to prevent tailgating without compromising aesthetics. These portals come in a range of sleek styles – such as sliding and cylindrical doors – to suit your facility and automatically stop tailgating through a two-stage authority check, keeping at least one door closed at all times.

Moreover, SecureDoor portals feature a dynamic weight system – in which software analyses how weight has entered – and can even be reinforced with attack and bullet-resistant glass, providing a higher level of security than traditional turnstiles or speed gates.

People wandering into unauthorised areas

Imagine an individual has entered your building, whether it be an employee, contractor, guest, uninvited stranger off the street, or otherwise. Which areas can they gain access to without further authorisation?

Many buildings have little in the way of physical security once a person has passed through the entrance gates at the front door or lobby. Once a person has made their way inside, they may have free rein over unguarded areas of the facility – such as server rooms, data and files – leaving your organisation vulnerable to costly damages, or worse, putting people in danger.

Installing gates or doors on different floors or stairwells can provide an effective added layer of security, protecting and limiting access to sensitive areas. Gates can also serve as a visual deterrent, letting people know where access is limited to those with higher clearance and discouraging tailgaters or other possible attempts to breach security before they occur.

Centaman’s speedgates are ideal additions to tighten up security in almost any setting. Sometimes referred to as speedstyles by other manufacturers, Centaman’s speedgates, offer state-of-the-art tailgate detection and speedy throughput – up to 60 people per minute. And with a vast array of customisable options, these speedgates not only protect an organisation but complement it.

Staff error could be your biggest security threat. Here’s how to protect your facilities

The Fastlane Door Detective offers advanced protection of rear doors or higher security areas such as computer server rooms.

As the name implies, Door Detective is as discrete as it is intelligent at detecting abnormalities. It deters unauthorised access by creating an infrared field across a doorway, monitoring the passage of every individual and alerting staff if a breach has occurred.

Lost or stolen access cards

Like keys and phones, access cards can go missing now and then. In most situations, this would not lead to any terrible consequences. However, if a staff member’s access card ends up in the wrong hands, it creates a significant problem.

Security-conscious facilities may want to consider implementing biometric scanners into their security systems. Biometrics can remove the need for staff and other authorised visitors to carry access cards while also reducing the risk of unauthorised people using lost or stolen access cards.

The combination of Centaman’s sleek and versatile EasyGate SPT with an integrated IDEMIA MorphoWave biometric finger scanner is a gamechanger.

Staff error could be your biggest security threat. Here’s how to protect your facilities

The finger scanners work without contact. Wave your hand and be granted or denied access to a facility. Hygiene concerns are thus a thing of the past, which is beneficial during the global COVID-19 pandemic and for helping to stop the spread of other viruses.

These finger scanners utilise 3D scanning technology to provide a fast and secure solution that thrives in all environments. Humid conditions or wet settings such as gyms and aquatic centres will not cause any operational issues.

The future has already arrived. The new EasyAccess facial recognition reader scans faces as they approach a gate or door – from up to three metres away – allowing fast and easy access to authorised people and swift prevention to those who are not.

Further, each EasyAccess reader can store up to 50,000 faces in its internal database, and it can distinguish real faces from pictures and videos.

Layering your building’s security with secure doors, gates, portals, and biometric scanners provides seamless entrance, detection and protection. Staff errors will happen, but effective security can mitigate the chances of any long and lasting consequences.

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