Centaman Entrance Control - 60 martin Place

Custom Gates and Lift Call at Sixty Martin Place

Customised Centaman Entrance Control speedgates have been installed at the new Sixty Martin Place commercial tower in Sydney’s CBD.

The gates are based on the Easygate Elite Lift Call model and are are accompanied by a stylish custom lift calling pedestal that lets people easily summon an elevator to take them to their chosen floor.

Featuring a stylish black paint finish, the custom gates and pedestal integrate seamlessly with the building’s Schindler destination lift control, ensuring efficient lift allocation, reducing wait times, and saving power.

Centaman Entrance Control General Manager Michael Bystram said Sixty Martin Place was an ideal illustration of how entrance control set ups could be tailored to the needs of a client and the architectural design of a building.

“Sixty Martin Place is a premium location in Sydney so it was no surprise that the client wanted a high-quality solution. We worked closely with project architects Hassell to develop the right look and feel and I’m pleased to say the new gates have resulted in some fantastic feedback.”

The customised EasyGate Elite Lift Call gates used at Sixty Martin Place have 1,200 mm high glass barrier gates to complement the building’s aesthetic.

High security variations featuring 1,800 mm high glass barriers are also available for sites that require elevated levels of security.

Centaman Entrance Control - 60 Martin Place Closeup